Ka Mai‘a ‘Ho‘olaule‘a / Banana Festival 2023

Oct. 21 • 10AM - 2PM • Waimea Valley

Special pre-Festival banana lecture at 9AM

It's a 3-Ring Banana Circus

Eat Them | Grow Them | Paint With Them

It’s a celebration of all things banana. Peel on out and learn more when you come to Waimea Valley the 2023 for Ka Mai‘a ‘Ho‘olaule‘a / Banana Festival!

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Gabe Sacher-Smith, Hawai‘i banana expert.
Gabe Sachter-Smith owner of the Banana Source will talk about bananas in Hawai‘i and their importance.

Free your Inner Banana!

Bananas are breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert food in Hawai‘i. They were one of the key canoe plants, carried on Polynesian voyaging canoes. Today, from our home gardens to local plantations, bananas are everywhere in Hawai‘i. They are essential sustenance, and so much more. Peel on out, and learn more when you go to Banana Festival 2023.

Banana Fiber Weaving

Did you know, banana fibers are used like lauhala for weaving? Mahina Pukahi will show you how it’s done.

Banana Fest was fun for the whole family! The kids enjoyed learning to weave with banana and tasting many different varieties. Lots of delicious banana dishes, and it was so awesome to talk story with a great collection of plant people. We’ll definitely come back again to the beautiful Waimea Valley.

Kalani Matsumura

Good People. Good Times.

Support Slow Foods’ goal of biodiversity! Join at the Fest where it's Pay-What-You-Want Day for a membership.

Banana Fest is being put on by the people at Slow Food O‘ahu, among others.

Featured Books

World of Bananas by Angela Kay Kepler, the only Hawai‘i-centric banana book, covering more than you ever thought possible about bananas and bananas in Hawai‘i. Includes 80 great recipes. $85 at the Fest compared to $100 on Ebay, if you can find it.

Slow Foods’ Ark of Taste, includes features on Kiawe Honey and Ele Ele Bananas, two of Hawai‘i’s Ark foods. | $30 for Slow Food USA’s The Ark of Taste, retails for $35.

Paniolo Wisdom

Out on the range nothin’ tastes better than a banana.

Featured Events

Bananas: Not just for smoothies! Discover their delightful versatility at the Banana Festival. Check out our events.

Banana Dish Samples from Kokohead Cafe, Nami Kaze, Michele’s, and the Aloha Culinary Group.

Banana Plants: 10 varieties of Plants For Sale

Join Slow Food during our Fall Membership Drive — It’s Pay-What-You-Want Day!

Sample & Taste: Banana Flower Adobo

The Waimea Falls Maia festival was a treat for the senses including tasting multiple exotic banana varieties that are not easily found, even in Hawai‘i.

Tina Lau, Jr Extension Agent, University of Hawai‘i

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Expand your notion of what a banana is and can be!

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The festival engaged the senses—seeing the number of people in attendance reminded me that bananas are the most widely consumed fruit in the world; listening to the conversations at the information booths demonstrated interest in propagating and knowing more; tasting, touching and smelling the different varieties of bananas as we entered was an attention grabber!

Sharon Hurd, Chair, Hawaii Dept. of Agriculture

For the keiki…
and the adults too.

Join with others making your own artwork using the parts of a banana and banana plant. All parts of banana plants are used for food, art, and handicrafts. Bring your own shirt or tote bag. Or buy a blank one at the Festival to dye.

A Good Time Is Had By All

Banana plant parts make great designs

At the Banana Fest you can also create a beautiful made-with-a-banana t-shirt or tote bag.

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